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Swedish Company Creates Tool to Prevent Security Breach and Monitor Stolen Data on the Dark Web

News Monitors Sweden, a data mining, linguistics and human language technology firm introduced a new version of its Dark Web multilingual monitoring instrument, on the 25th of December 2017. The goal was an effort of trying to make the dark web a safer place; News Monitors are noted for their provision of search engines to the dark web to make it much easier to lay hands on sensitive data.

Cybercriminals have therefore taken advantage of the dark web and have thrust their way into the daily lives of innocent people. Crimes range from the illegal sale of drugs, child pornography, credit-card numbers, Social Security Numbers, sales of other personal information and to some great extent, hitman services. All this is happening on a daily basis on the dark web.

This year alone has recorded some serious cases in terms of hacking, with companies like Equifax and AXA all falling victim together with a host of other organizations. Other companies like tech giant Sony Entertainment as well as Uber Technologies Inc. have all tasted the bitter experience of being hacked in the past. This has been a clear indicator that even the most trusted cybersecurity systems can be breached, leaving many firms, governments, and organizations and its customers at risk.

What makes hacking nowadays serious is where the stolen data ends up afterward. Most of it is taken straight to the dark web where it is advertised to millions of potential customers. This has given the rise for an early warning system of any kind, specifically about data breaches on the dark web, of which News Monitors have provided.

This new version of a multilingual monitoring tool relies on artificial intelligence to screen the dark web for any signs of data breaches or sales of private data from companies, which will then alert these companies if any of the above-mentioned things should happen, giving them ample time to take the appropriate measures.

This new version is accessible for government agencies and all organizations under SAM.gov, and will be available as a free search engine for the public very soon. It is also equipped with catchwords in 32 different languages including Chinese and Russia.

David Berg, the dark web full stack developer of News Monitors, was speaking after the launch of their newest version of their dark web monitoring solution, and stated that data theft leaves the global economy in possible debt of half a trillion dollars each year, and businesses must resort to new technologies to prevent them from falling prey to hackers. “Moreover, as the dark web expands, computer bots are essential to keep up where humans cannot,” he added.

News Monitor’s initiative now adds up to the list of companies who have already taken this step in stopping data breaches and stolen data being sold on the dark web.

In September this year, CFC Underwriting partnered RepKnight to bring out the CFC BreachAlert. This was a dark web monitoring tool developed for the firm’s cyber insurance policyholders which were to alert policyholders when their data even pops up on the dark web.

The CFC Breach Alert also allowed policyholders to search for keywords including their product, name or company and even watermarks. This meant that all policyholders were going to be the first to know if their data was leaked.

Although many people believe that the dark web is of no good other than for criminal activities, it does actually serve the needs of people who have been longing for total anonymity since it’s not illegal to access it.

The dark web is largely used for good reasons by protestors, government agencies, and journalists in areas of oppressive governments. The dark web gives them the opportunity to use the web without been monitored or any kind of interference from the government or any third party.

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